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Getting This Delicious Show on the Road!

Hi Everybody

I am so delighted that we have now got our own Wine Club off the ground. It has been a dream for a long time so to see it finally come to fruition is amazing.

Our main aim is to create a local community of people who love life and love wine.

Our main objective as a business is to provide the good folk of Bury and surrounding areas with Beautiful, unique wines that don’t cost ‘an arm and a leg’.

We are passionate wine lovers rather than connoisseurs. We have been searching the globe for lovely wines at a great price.

Now-I have to be honest at this point-I personally taste-test all the wines before they make it on to the list. I would like to pretend that the only reason for this is to ensure we have only fabulous products but really, the main reason is that I wanted to create the best job that I have had in my entire life—and guess what?- I have only gone and done it!

I am hoping that the Wine Club will help us to really understand what people are looking for and what is really important-so I am completely open-minded about which direction we travel with it.

What I am really eager to do is to provide some brilliant benefits that make our friends (hope you don’t mind that assumption!) happy such as Birthday Gifts, Discount/Wine Allowance on all purchases. Wine-Tasting Sessions, Discount/ Free Dishes on our Pizzeria menu, be the first to try new exciting wines.

So, as of now, any purchases you make will accrue an extra 10% discount, on already unbeatable prices. We will keep a note of this and let you know as soon as you are entitled to a free purchase and make some suggestions for you.

All on-line purchases made from our Pizzeria for home delivery or collection will include a free side dish. Just put ‘Wine Club Member’ in the ‘Special Requests’ section and tell us what side dish you fancy.

We are planning an online wine-tasting session for the 11th of March so please pencil in to your diaries (and it’s no good pretending you have a full social calendar!).

We are also putting together some cracking deals including a set of 3 mixed wines and a box of 6 mixed wines-all delicious varieties at a fab price.

Please let me know what you think so far before I go on and on and on!


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Really excited about the wine club. Have you thought about doing a Mother’s Day Offer?

Michael J Kavanagh
Michael J Kavanagh
Feb 28, 2021
Replying to

That is a great idea Jill-so will work on that over the next couple of days.

Also announced a chance to win a 'Mother's Day Treat' today on facebook. We have asked people to like and share this morning's post and then we will select one of those who did so as the winner of a 'Wine & Meal Gift' to the value of £50, to be delivered on the special day-be interesting to see how people respond!


Michael J Kavanagh
Michael J Kavanagh
Feb 25, 2021

Technology eh!

Thank you to those lovely new wine club members who sent me email messages-but I think the idea of a blog is that we share our thoughts on here! And I thought it was just me that was struggling to keep up with the modern ways! I am sure we will get there together eventually.

Anyway, I hope you are all keeping fine and dandy. We have everything to look forward to now with lighter evenings, nicer weather, vaccinations working wonders, spring on the horizon--oh and it's nearly weekend and wine and chill time-what more could we ask for?


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