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Launching our New Wine Club

Well-It's happening at last!

We are launching our new Wine Club and are really excited.

Designed to create a community of Passionate Wine and Life Lovers, there will be loads of Brilliant Benefits including;

*Discount on All Purchases

*Birthday Gifts

*Chance to taste some Beautiful Wines from the Greatest Wine growing nations around the World

*Discounts on our Fabulous Pizzeria menu so can sample Delicious, Authentic, Neapolitan Food

The overall aim is to appreciate the joy of wine, have fun and share thoughts and ideas.

We are Wine Lovers-not connoisseurs. We search the World for Gorgeous Wines that don't cost an Arm and a Leg.

Other than that, there is no long term plan and we are happy to grow alongside our members and go in whatever direction takes your fancy.

Now, as this is my very first blog of any kind ever, please forgive me if my technical incompetency means this doesn't come through as you might normally expect, it is not easy learning all these new tricks at my age!

Please share any initial thoughts and ideas you may have and we will take it from there.

Kind Regards


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